Our Water Park for your pleasure

Enjoy our warm water, summer temperatures and relaxing moments in the indoor or outdoor pools of Aqua Salza.

Experience our water park with slides and swimming through channel - for you and your family. Or use our swim school to learn the proper techniques. With our Aqua-courses strengthen your cardiovascular system and do something for your health. And for kids, we offer the children the world right place to run around and experience.


Swimmingpool 30 °C
Slide 28 °C
4 Seasons - Pool 28°C
Babybecken 35 °C
Jacuzzi 35 °C

A survey of our waterpark

Ground floor Swimmingpool with 321 sqm swimming area and 28 °C
4 Seasons - Pool with 237 sqm swimming area and 28 °C
Family area with 28 sqm swimming area and 35 °C
Jacuzzi with 4 sqm area and 35 °C
First floor self service-restaurant seating 50 people
Common area with 20 canvas chairs
2 Sunbeds
Notice: Please note that during the winter months the outdoor pool is usually closed. Please check whether the outdoor pool is available before calling us

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