Aqua Salza Spa World

Our sauna and spa-paradise stands for a high end embodiment of a relaxed andrevitalizing environment. Being our guest you can experience ceremonies of sweating and cleaning your mind and soul.

Feel the stress relief after having a sauna and enjoy the wellness. We invite you to consciously enjoy the wellbeing of your body and improvement of your health.

Relax in our spacious spa, take a sauna and find your own way to improve your personal wellness and health.

The sauna nights: Visit Aqua salza and be a part of this unique event . Different themes provide a unforgettable and unique experience within every visit. Visit our photogallery

A survey of our Spa and Sauna world

Ground Floor Ceremony (Aufguss)-Sauna 85-95 °C
Mind Sauna 55 °C
Herbal steam bath 45 °C
Rainstonesauna 60 °C
Stearnbath 45 °C
Saltwater pool - 46 m2 water area
Cold dip tank - 5,6 m2 water area
Kneipp-tank - 5,5 m2 water area
Feet-warming basin
Ice fountain
Tropical showers
Adventure showers
Chill out Zone with waterbeds
First Floor Sauna-Restaurant to seat 110 persons
Cornmon area with 20 canvas chairs
Wellness and beauty area:
- 3 Roomns for massage
- 1 Hamam- roorn
- 1 Thairoom
- 1 Stearnbath
- 1 Kaiserbath
- 1 Softpack chair room
- 1 Treatment room
- 2 Sunbeds
Top Floor Chill out room
Sleep room
Energy room
Relax your mind room with waterbeds
Roof terrace
Saunagarden Earthsauna 70 °C
Mountainsauna 90 °C
Outside pool 30 °C
Sunbathing Zone with more than 20 sunchairs
Summerbar with catering
Gradierwerk The Gradierwerk makes you smell the ocean. Saltwater is dripping through a wall made of a special type of wood where it is evaporated into mist. A pleasant nebula of saltwater is formed. Inhaling the nebula is bebeficial and healing for your airways.

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